Heart In A Box

from Bryce Halliday Live by Bryce Halliday



So there's my heart
I keep it in this box.

As you can see it has been scratched a few times before
But I won't be so careless with it any more
And it means I never cry
Though at times I seem cold

And if you weep onto my shoulder I'll have nothing to say
But if you just wait for a minute I'll be back right away
With this heart for you.
We'll keep yours brand new.

But don't you dare take it out without telling me first
I need to be fully prepared for that kind of thing
Or else I could be crippled by the slightest sting
I keep the box velvet lined
I hope that you don't mind

You seem like someone who could take care of this.
But I've trusted each girl since my very first kiss
See there's chunks missing from when I ripped it back
From lovers when it turned out they just wanted to attack
Though you are the first to come to stay
Without me leading the way

So look after me and I will look after you
And we'll put photos in the box of the memories that pass
And I assure you, this high quality box will last
With your heart inside
Safe and dry

Keep your heart inside
Holding on to mine.


from Bryce Halliday Live, released February 13, 2017
Bryce Halliday on vocals and piano
Bernard Lagana on flute
Stewart Kirwan on flugelhorn
Sam Blackburn on double bass
David Muratore on acoustic guitar

music and lyrics by Bryce Halliday

band arrangements by Bernard Lagana
recorded live by Adrian Davis (themusicnerd.com) at Hayes Theatre Co.
mixed by Bryce Halliday at Nauti Studios


all rights reserved



Bryce Halliday Sydney, Australia

Producer of the podcasts Alice Fraser Trilogy and Finding Drago. Composer for ABC's "Snowball" season of Unravel.

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