Important Shit

from Bryce Halliday Live by Bryce Halliday



Seat belts and condoms and swimming classes
Protective glasses.
They will seal me from crashes and spills, the risks of the thrills
And I will arrive safe and alive and on time for life.

Reading and writing and how to add up.
The things that you want to the things that you've got.
And most of all son though it won't seem of use
You must find the length of this hypotenuse.

But nobody teaches you any of the important shit.
How to lose someone then properly deal with it.
There's no standard tests on anything that's worth a damn
And I only get one attempt at this exam.

Love songs, books and romantic comedies
Greeting cards, chain emails, tweets.
That's where we find our life living syllabus
Generally leaving us lost

How to be okay with how small you are
Look after your car and make healthy dinners
How to let somebody into your heart
How to let that person out.

Nobody teaches you any of the important shit.
How not to love someone when they don't requite it
There's no standard tests on anything that's worth a damn

How to back down, when to stand your ground
How to know if you're wrong in the face of your hearts strings
Screaming at you "this is too good to lose" as it's blown away.

But then I would probably sleep through that class if there was one.


from Bryce Halliday Live, released February 13, 2017
Bryce Halliday on vocals and piano
Bernard Lagana on flute
Stewart Kirwan on flugelhorn
Sam Blackburn on double bass
David Muratore on acoustic guitar

music and lyrics by Bryce Halliday

band arrangements by Bryce Halliday and Bernard Lagana
recorded live by Adrian Davis ( at Hayes Theatre Co.
mixed by Bryce Halliday at Nauti Studios


all rights reserved



Bryce Halliday Sydney, Australia

Producer of the podcasts Alice Fraser Trilogy and Finding Drago. Composer for ABC's "Snowball" season of Unravel.

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