Bryce is a composer, pianist, improviser and audio producer from Sydney Australia, now living in Chicago USA. 

Since completing his Bachelor of Music at the Australian Institute of Music in 2012, Bryce has been in constant demand as a music director for sketch, improv and cabaret. He has regularly performed at the Sydney Comedy Festival and brought solo musical comedy shows to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe. 

His compositions and sound design can be heard in video games (Birdsketball, Particulars), short films (Diagnosis, Jimbra) and theatre (Sport For Jove’s Antigone, Jetpack Collective’s Rhinoceros). 

Bryce is also a skilled sound engineer, with years of experience in both studio and live production settings. Before moving to Chicago he worked for five years in public radio at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation where he produced several hit podcasts, including Finding Drago, Alice Fraser Trilogy and Little Tiny.

If your project involves music, sound or comedy, Bryce Halliday has the experience, technical ability and creativity you need.

Halliday is charismatic and open with the audience, creating a captivating atmosphere for the show. His songs embrace a diverse range of sounds, from heartfelt ballads to comic, up-tempo piano numbers. He even incorporates a soundboard, which adds an extra sonic layer to his compositions. ” - Bec Caton


Not only does he have a knack for melody and harmony, but his compositions are eclectic and driven by passionate ideas” - Ben Neutze

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